There is in my heart a special drawer,
bursting with happy memories galore.
My heart's always open, have no key,
revealing how much you meant to me.

Memories are heartbeats counting years,
remembering joy, and yes also the tears.
Time recedes but your footsteps are there,
I follow them daily, my heart and I care.

It was a casual meeting at the seaside,
you promised me then I'd be your bride.
Our pathway through life, arm in arm,
could not resist your passion and charm.

We made plans, our journey through life,
to give it full meaning as man and wife.
Picnics and walking, swims in the ocean,
together to share our love and devotion.

Clouds gathered, fate slammed the door,
you did not return from a place called war.
My treasured memories here by the score,
In that special place, that special drawer.

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