What year was that? Some cracking photos on here from mayfield.
jarraman Wrote:What year was that? Some cracking photos on here from mayfield.

hi jarraman (hrt) went to mayfield from 1969-1974.
From what I hear it was like St Trininans when you lot were there.Big GrinBig GrinBig Grin

jasima Wrote:When I was at mayfield the teams were called Our Lady of Lourdes (blue) Walsingham (red) Jesmond (green) and Fatima (yellow),

When I went to Mayfield there was, St. Winifred which was Green, St Cicelia, which was red, St. Hilda, was yellow, and I think the blue was St. Philamina, But sixty odd years can play havoc with your memory, specialy if you hated school as much as I did. :eek::eek:
I used to be on the netball team and Miss Jennings used to organise matches with other schools, for us. One Saturday, we went over to Howdon for a game and got the shock of our lives when we saw them. To us 12 years olds, they looked about 18, were all about 6 foot tall and the one and only time we got beat, they hammered us by 150 to 40. It was really funny. Anyway they had that special back flick that we could never master. In 1996 I started work over Howdon and saw this woman looking strangely, at me. She was one of the netball team that had beaten us. She was now smaller that me and I said to her. 'Aye you cannit beat is now can yi'. We had a good laugh and remained friends until she passed away in 2005.
Hi joanii i was on the netball team i am sure i can remember those girls who looked 6ft i loved playing on a saterday got me out of my jobs at home.
scottish lass, Can you remember that back flick/kick that a lot of netball players had? Our team just couldn't master it and we were amazed at the technique. Can you remember any of the names on your netball team? I used to hang around with a lass from your year whose mother managed the pub at the bottom of the station stairs and another girl, Bernie was my boy friends cousin. I remember her better than I can remember him. My fav teachers were Miss Jennings, Mrs. Booth and Mrs. Mc allister. Sadly, Miss Jennins passed away in July, this year. What a great woman she was. I used to be in charge of the tuck shop for Mrs. Dale. What about the May day dancing..euk.
Hi joanii sorry i cant remember any one who was on the netball team the only one i can rember who was in my class apart from my cousin pauline laidler there was a bernadette hepelwhite will have to get my thinking cap on or ask my sister sally she was in the class below me i liked miss jennings and mrs booth and i loved the may dancing still like dancing i go line dancing twice a week sorry to hear about miss booth.
Hi joanii sorry i ment miss jennings also there was a margaret mcgurk in my class i am sure she was on the netball team the lesson i liked most was italic writing even when i left school i used to write in italic.
hi scottish lass it seems u were in my class at mayfield,quite a lot of our class still try to get together once a year.we had a reunion in bedes club for our 25th in 1987 and we have been in touch since then. i shall sort some photos it may jog your memory,

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