Mallams Farm
Anyone remember hiring a horse out for an hour?

Also taking the Horses to the beach for the day.
Never rode his horse but my mate did early in the 60's and i think they charge 10 bob for an hour.
We paid half a crown for a half hour gallop round the field with no saddle or stirrups :eek: when he had the field behind Croft Terrace school.
Before that he had a place called "The Shoe" at the side of the Don down Church bank.
Jimmy Mallam was just a boy then. I'm assuming that it's him who now lives in the old mill across from Larsons and "fat man squeeze"
Birdman cheers for that.

Not sure who lives in that building now. It looks a bit derelict.

Find out tommorow.
The owner is a guy called Harry.Thats all I can tell you.Dont know his second name.Watch out for the dog its mad.Confusedcared:
I agree with the comment about the dog at Mallam's premises. You cannot walk past the gate without the darn thing jumping up and barking at you. It can be quite frightening.
jarraman Wrote:Anyone remember hiring a horse out for an hour?

Also taking the Horses to the beach for the day.

Taking the horses to the beach, I remember this very well, we used to ride bare back down beach road, blisters on your rear for days after, but you got used to it.
yes me and my friends used to take the horses in a horse carrier to the beach in the summer, and we got to ride them back to the farm after
In the poem "Appleby Fair" Stan Mallam is mentioned.
I worked with two guys in jarrow cemetery who took Stan's horses to Appleby. That was 40 year ago. One of the guys we knew as "Ginger" had his own horse and cart and collected scrap and moved furniture when he wasn't digging graves.

The fair was on 4th - 10th June this year and, although the daughter is mad about horses, I couldn't talk her into taking me.:mad:

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