Lennig chemical co.
At a guess I would say 1963
It was on the 6th October 1964.

(20 Sep 15, 10:05 AM)BigDave Wrote:  
(25 Nov 09, 9:30 PM)Birdman Wrote:  During the 60's, if the wind was in the wrong quarter, Primrose used to be plagued with a smell like melted plastic and it was attributed to the Lennig chemical company. (it was worse than the smell of the coke ovens).
I was reminded of the smell the other day while out shopping with the wife. The only reference I can find on the internet regarding their products is a detergent called Triton X-100.
Did anyone out there ever work for them or remember the smell they created. And what exactly did they make apart from soap.

My greatest respect to all families affected by this terrible accident, The conversation about the accident popped up in the pub at the weekend but there disputes over what year it was, could you possibly put a date on this to settle a small family feud.

6th October 1964

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