Jarrow Quarry! Help.
Hello Jarrow Life, any of you Jarrow History buffs on here able to help me out, and shed some light on a little local history.
Does anyone know the name of the Quarry that used to be on the Ettrick Road Estate that was built in the 1960's, (at the back of Breamish Street).
My Mam, a Jarrow girl, didn't even know about the Quarry.
It is shown on the 1912 Ordinance Survey map, but not the 1900 or 1940's maps.
The slag heap (Slaggie) is on the west side of the Bowser Line, (shown as the Pontop and Jarrow Railway) on the map below. The Quarry I'm asking about is on the East side of the Bowes Line. The Quarry is shown on this German Bombing Map from 1940
Any help would be welcome

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