Jarrow Mayors
Year Name of Mayor

1875 Councillor Charles Mark Palmer M.P.
1875 Alderman Thomas Sheldon JP
1876 Alderman Philip Augustus Berkley J.P
1877 Alderman Thomas Gray
1878 Alderman Thomas Elliot Huntley J.P.
1879 Alderman Thomas Elliot Huntley J.P.
1880 Councillor Oliver Hayes Duffell
1881 Councillor George Hornsby Dexter J.P.
1882 Councillor George Hornsby Dexter J.P.
1883 Alderman George Hornsby Dexter J.P.
1884 Councillor John Tomas Oswald Perman
1885 Councillor Thomas Smith Salter J.P.
1886 Councillor Thomas Smith Salter J.P.
1887 Alderman John Price J.P.
1888 Alderman Philip Augustus Berkley J.P.
1889 Councillor Matthew Dent J.P.
1890 Councillor Matthew Dent J.P.
1891 Zephaniah Harris J.P.
1892 John Armstrong J.P.
1893 Thomas Renton
1894 Alderman John Price J.P.
1895 Councillor John Rutherford
1896 Councillor George Johnson J.P.
1897 Councillor William Pearson J.P.
1898 Councillor Robert Archibauld
1899 Councillor John Evans
1900 Councillor Thomas Ramsey J.P.
1901 Councillor Robert Reavley J.P.
1902 Alderman Sir Charles Mark Palmer Bart M.P.
1903 Councillor Malcolm Dillon M.P.
1904 Councillor Malcolm Dillon M.P.
1905 Councillor Malcolm Dillon M.P.
1906 Councillor Thomas Ramsey J.P.
1907 Councillor Thomas Ramsey J.P.
1908 Councillor Matthew Coulson James
1909 Councillor Matthew Coulson James
1910 Councillor Matthew Coulson James
1911 Councillor Matthew Coulson James
1912 Councillor George Johnson
1913 Councillor John Hall
1914 Councillor John Hall
1915 Councillor John Hall
1916 Councillor John Hall
1917 Councillor Robert Issac Dodd
1918 Councillor Samuel Kaye Campbell
1919 Councillor Robert Machin
1920 Councillor Robert Machin
1921 Councillor Robert Machin
1922 Councillor Robert Machin
1923 Councillor Andrew Pattie
1924 Councillor William Joseph Hardy
1925 Councillor William Joseph Hardy
1926 Councillor William Joseph Hardy
1927 Councillor William George Pearson
1928 Councillor William George Pearson
1929 Councillor William George Pearson
1930 Councillor William Gordon
1931 Councillor William Gordon
1932 Councillor Issac Dodds
1933 Councillor Issac Dodds
1934 Councillor John Joseph Williams
1935 Alderman Thompson
1936 Alderman Thompson
1937 Councillor Charles Reavley
1938 Alderman Terrence O'Connor
1939 Alderman Alfred Allen Rennie
1940 Alderman David Francis Riley
1941 Councillor John William Coates
1942 Alderman Robert Davison
1943 Councillor George Diggle
1944 Alderman George Alexander Rose
1945 Alderman Joseph Bede Symonds
1946 Alderman James Hanlon
1947 Councillor Pattrick Scullion
1948 Councillor Pattrick Scullion
1949 Councillor Alexander Morrison
1950 Councillor Mrs, Ellen Agnes Trainor
1951 Councillor Mrs. Margaret Hood
1952 Councillor John George Tallack
1953 Councillor Robert William Purvis
1954 Councillor Emily Coates
1955 Councillor Joseph William Cromar
1956 Councillor Wilfred Norman Morton
1957 Mrs. Anne Mothersdale
1958 Thomas Dunn
1959 Joeseph A. Connel
1960 Councillor Sam J. Rowan
1961 Mrs. Violet Hope
1962 Alderman Alfred Allen Rennie
1963 Councillor Archibauld M. Campbell
1964 Councillor Peter Hepburn
1965 Councillor Ralph C. Sparks
1966 Councillor Dennis McCluskey
1967 Councillor Henry Duggan
1968 Councillor Edward Crookes
1969 Councillor Francis P. Dixon
1970 Councillor George Goldsborough
1971 Councillor Don Dixon
1972 Councillor Mrs. Agnes May Stewart
1973 Councillor Vera Davidson

As from the 1st of April 1974 the Boroughs of South Shields, Jarrow and the Urban Districts of Boldon, Hebburn amalgamated to become South Tyneside.
Resulting in one Mayor of South Tyneside
Thanks for the input "justpassing" Great stuff.

1967 was Harry Duggan. Really nice man who I used to play snooker with. Not in 1967 though as I was too young.

Think Fisherman knew him better than me and may even get some photos of the man.
I remember Mrs Trainer. (1950) She lived in Etal Crescent and I used to go with a cousin to collect her Mission Box. (Do they still have those boxes?)
Cheers for the list of Jarrow Mayors JP, I was told months ago that one of my relatives had been a Mayor in Jarrow.
I asked the family but no one had any info...now that I can see the list I know for sure that not one of our 'Scanlon' branch is included.

Maybe the relative just worked at the Town Hall..its another mystery to solve at a later date......Coolcheers Cait
I thought I remembered a shop called Scanlon's in Ormonde Street
But I just remembered it was called Hanlon's ..................
Cheers for posting the info JP, we have a list similar and it makes good reading...SmileCait
My uncle was George Goldsbrough, Mayor of Jarrow in 1970, are there any family members out there. We lived down in Hertfordshire and lost contact with most of the Goldsbrough side of the family apart from Isobel.

My Dad was Norman, brother of George, and my Mum was Elsie. It would be lovely to hear from anyone who knows my family.

Lord Don Dixon must of known him (Mayor after him)
Councillor Maisie Stewart must of known him (next Mayor)
She is still a Councillor today.
Follow this link:
Violet Hope (Mayor 1961)

[Image: violet.jpg?t=1272451378]
John Dixon Rutherford Mayor of Jarrow 1895
follow this link:

The header is:
John Dixon Rutherford Mayor of Jarrow 1901-1902?
(Mind if you read the story it has him as Mayor 1895)


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