Jarrow Central School.
Great photograph, thanks
(23 Sep 09, 10:16 PM)jarraman Wrote:  I was in the very last intake in 1973.  We were there 2 years before being transferred to Springfield.  

Nothing against Springfield but I never settled there.  Missed the old school.   Had to get used to a whole load of new teachers as well.

Pete, remember all of these buggers!! Wilf doing the PE and Brass Neck Rooney for metal work! Bennet was a little git, who also took the football team over the railway track as I recall. Mr Hopwood was a very stern HM, but a gentle gent in reality. Bohill was easy in maths as log as you got him talking about creating stuff in his kiln! Springfield was different, but I guess that was the move to comps. Central were old school, but nothing wrong with that in a lot of ways. You knew where you stood. Mind you, some of them were smack happy. I was sorry to leave, but the place was run into the ground. Strange when you look how well past pupils of the "old" side have done. Something worked.

Hahaha Bennet.  I got the wacky jacky off him right on the a@@e.  Little this bit of wood.   It stung like hell.
There was an art teacher at Springfield who drove a SAAB. He had a bit of wood as well! I remember Mr Minto the English teacher who gave me my love of books, Mr Johnson(?) biology and another Johnstone, (who did PE, and was a waste of space). There was Bennet the history teacher with the beard, and W
Wilf Wardle who I saw a few times in the Nelson in Monkton Village. I think some of the Central school teachers were a bit frustrated with the move to Springfield. Apart from Mrs Zenner who gave me a dressing down for "snogging" girls at a party! How did she know? Great girl, (I can say that now I'm the same age!), so to speak.

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