Jarrow Central School.
Jarrow Central. Who went here. Remember Mr Bohill, shut up son..lol
Yes and yes. Was old school Mr Bohill, not scared to take on a group of lads.

He once accused me of throwing a snowball at him. Wasn't me but reckoned he saw someone with a jacket like mine running away. He took me round just about every class in school checking if anybody had the same jacket as me :redface:. Didn't find anyone and he let me off with a warning. If a teacher done that these days, they'd probably be sued for stressSmile
You can take the lad out of Jarrow but you can't take Jarrow out of the lad.
lol Mr Bohill is/was a councillor for Seaburn
Good on him, that's the sort of bloke you need in such a position, someone who won't take any crap.
You can take the lad out of Jarrow but you can't take Jarrow out of the lad.
Yes he was one of the last of the old school teachers who put the fear of god into you.
Miss Pattie must have been out of the same mould. She wasn't given any crap 'cause we all knew better. she could stop you in your tracks with a look.:eek:........... Didn't need a cane.

Never met Mr. Bohill.
I was at Jarrow Central from 1949 to 1953 and remember Miss Pattie very well. She could get absolute silence with one of her looks. Pop Young was another who never got any back chat.
I was in the very last intake in 1973. We were there 2 years before being transferred to Springfield.

Nothing against Springfield but I never settled there. Missed the old school. Had to get used to a whole load of new teachers as well.
I went to Central, 1969-1974.
Bohill was a pussycat compared with Mr Storey, the geography teacher, now he was a badun!!!
Mr Bennet the woodwork teacher also stood no nonsense, he would wack you with the piece of wood you were working with, if you stepped out of line.
Mr Hopwood, Mr Casey, Miss Zenner, Mr Rooney, Mr Wardle..................happy days at Central.

Hope this helps mate.

Storey on here as well lol. Click on photo to enlarge.

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