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fisherman Wrote:Hi Ged, I've just copied some film's from an 8mm tape on to D.V.D......I had to borrow an old video camera.If you live local I could see If I could do it for you.
That would be good. I live in Featherstone Grove in Jarrow. Got a 1986 Sony video camera with a load of 8mm tapes.
Admin Wrote:Used to love watching him and "Junior Elvis" at Vic Park. I think they were exploited to some extent as they were never paid and did bring in the crowds but they did love the 'fame'.

I used to go and watch him and the other acts (Jarrarow Elvis Roadshow) on a Sunday night in Vic Park it was chocka block and it used to be great night.
There was a documentry done on him and the other Road show acts as they were billed, it can be found on You Tube, after watching the documentry not too long ago i felt guilty as they were exploited which comes across quite clearly in the documentry, however it also comes across that they did all enjoy performing so not all negative.
Hi jarrajay, you can find the links on this site which were uploaded by Admin. Type Elvis into the search bar and you get all the links and everything thats been talked about him.

Sometimes some threads get duplicated and lost. Much easier using the search bar. In my opinion that is. Wink

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