James Walker Mary McGee
I am compiling a Family Tree won from me in at Charity doo.

I have James Walker c1900 who married Mary McGee, I think James died in 1938 and Mary then married a John Keenan in 1940.

Problem is there were two James Walker's in Jarrow one born Sunderland in 1897 and in 1911 lived in 88 Dee Street son of John and Margaret, the other one was born Jarrow 1900 and in 1911 lived in 50 Albion Street son of James and Mary.

I wondered if anyone could help me work out which one married Mary McGee so I can complete the Walker line, I will go and buy the marriage certificate which will prove it but though someone on Jarrow Life may know or be a descendant of either James's and help me with the answer.

Many Thanks in advance. Oh James and Mary McGee had Cornelius James Walker 1926, James Walker 1929, William 1930, Bede Walker 1938.

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