Harold street school
Hi to follow on from Belsfield, who ended up at Harold street did we get the short straw or not .
Who went on to make it dispite not having gone to Jarrow grammer.
I left in 59 then went to the Tech college near Croft ter for a year Then got a job as an apprentice brickie did ok at college and ended up builbing most of the motorways you all drive on as a cotracts manager.
I run a outdoor activities company that supplies instructors to the outdoor industy.
Most of us left school able to read and write and some good life skills ,
please feel free to post your own story Mel T
hello mel, not only did I live just around the corner from you ,and went to school with you , I also served my apprenticeship with the same company , what you built I painted , worked down south myself for almost 30 years, guess who !.
Hi poss Con Shields Joe Jordon a Plumber called Fred Crooks,. i get home every 3 weeks can we get a Harold St meet at the Robin Hood some night in April Mel T
you got it , be glad to meet , not a lot of us left now sadly ,still see a few around the town just let me know when it best for you.
The Lakeside in April would be ok. There was a good turn out there last time.
jarraman Wrote:The Lakeside in April would be ok. There was a good turn out there last time.

I will probably be able to attend.
me too see you then
Hi all sorry for the delay but i am away a lot can we confirm a pub and a date ,is it best on a daytime or a early night one say 6pm Lakeside seemed to work last time
i can make the Oct /Nov dates on the Robin hood post

Mel T
Hi all how many members do we have who attended Harold st dates from 55 to 60 also any members who were at the Huts in Finchale terr called carboard city i think we got moved all the way up to St Mathews with the Finigans now they could make you afraid very afraid.

Mel T
Hi all Harold st and the Jarra lot tried to arrage a beer call pub night on the 5 Oct not many takers so can we do a meet in Dec at the Robin hood pub as it is on a bus route say 6 PM any date but the 14 dec .

dates 30 Nov Dec 1/7/8 15/20/21 Mel T

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