Freddies new Book
fisherman Wrote:Hi Everyone, I hope everyone who received Freddie's New Book (Take My Word),Would like to take the opportunity to thank Freddie for his kindness,His book's I will treasure for ever, Thank's Again Freddie.Look forward to seeing you again sometime. Take Care my friend.

May I add my gratitude as well. Looking forward to reading it on my holidays.

Your a great man Freddie. Wink
Fisherman's arranged to pass over Freddie's book when I see him later in the week and like the other site members I will be eternally grateful.
Cheers Freddie.
A excellent collection of poems (so am told!) by our lass.... Since arriving home with the book after meeting up with Sid in Marine park yesterday she's hardly put it down! Might be able to enjoy this read myself soon if Jan hasn't already read them all out to me.! Big Grin
A truely fantasic publication of a talented Jarra lad sharing his life and views in poetry.
A book I will reflect on and read many times over...thanks Freddie.
Thank You Freddie for another great book, you are a truly clever and lovely Jarra Lad.
Sorry i missed you, but hope to meet up again soon,
Take care Bonny Lad, till the next time.
Thanks to Fisherman im back online,
Thanks again, Sid.
Did you know. There's quite a few members off this site that are mentioned in the new book. Cool
i for one was honoured to get a mention from the bard,dont foget crazy horse he stated,very touching,thanks freddie.
The two books are right up there amongst my most treasured possessions. To me Freddie is a local hero.Smile
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Congratulation Freddie on your 2nd successful publication and many thanks for the signed copy (thanks to Fisherman for posting and congrats to jarraman_1 for the 1st class graphics).

It's another great read and one of those books you can read over and over that only gets better with time.
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I wonder if he is related to Michael Nellist, who I went to school with. Micheal owns and runs a shop dedicated to tropical fish on the Gt Victoria Road or just a bit down from it. Not far from where Mayfield School was.

Whats the book about BTW.
St James Park till the day I die.
Yes staffy we are half cousins, our grandfathers were brothers.

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