Fishermans World
A man at peace he's the king of the world,
a river bank his throne with lines unfurled.
In weather unkind he will reign content,
the hours uncounted all of them well spent.
Quietly anticipating, life's cares drifting by,
a lack of tight lines, sometimes he will sigh.
Or his spool spinning round for it is worth,
will focus his thoughts back down to earth.
Oblivious it seems to the passing of time,
his fishing pole saluting the muddy Tyne.
A dipping float betrays an inquisitive cod,
or some other aquatic that's bending his rod.
What pictures in mind do his thoughts paint?
this is a heaven, both for sinners and saint.
Peering endlessly into murky water unknown,
reaping the harvest of the bait he has sown.
Patiently contemplating, hoping the fish rise,
instead of vagrant flotsam, a catch in disguise.
Like Tyne's tide, his thoughts ebb and flow,
this is is his kingdom, where else would he go?.
Nice one Freddie.
Good one Freddie......Keep them coming..
Nice one Freddie I like it SmileBig Grin
Freddie is that a special for our fisherman?

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