Easy When You Know How
Expectations of me are way too high,
I can't sing a song, nor can I fly.
Think positive I'm told, you will prevail,
Folk expect too much, that's why I fail.

I think of things, now what will impress?,
I often get stuck, I'll just make a guess.
The last time I tried a "do it yourself",
it took me six weeks just to build a shelf.

Must be a purpose, a reason for living,
do I try too hard, the effort I'm giving?,
Trying to be what others want me to be,
I'll try it my way then we will soon see.

I'm asking questions, where do I belong?,
trying to please others, think, be strong.
The answer's a vision, just out of reach,
always searching, find someone to teach.

There's always someone to light the way,
the way to do things, right words to say.
I am succeeding at some things I try,
I'm giving it my all but I still can't fly.
Thanks Freddie for the poem, we all look forward to them on site.
Thank's Freddie,How do you keep coming up with all these poem's...BrilliantSmile
thank you for another great one Freddie I love them Keep them comming

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