Dougies Tavern
It's a long cry from when I knew it as The White Lead in the mid 60's but a pound to a penny it won't have a snug for the old ladies like the old days and the beer won't taste as good.
Ah nostalgia.
I heard today that it's a company called Sonnet 43 a micro brewery from Coxhoe County Durham that's got The White Lead.Here's a link to their other pub.

This Is how the Old Dougie's Tavern look's like now....Looking good..

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Nice photos fisherman
jarraman Wrote:Nice photos fisherman
Nice Photo's Fisherman.

Opens this Friday for those interested (I for one certainly am) Smile
Looks nice but what is it with those union jacks on the doors?
jarraman Wrote:Looks nice but what is it with those union jacks on the doors?

BNP meeting place?
Happy New Year to one and all!

Paid my first visit (since Dougies closed) here on Boxing day for a family meal for my Birthday and have to say what a great place it is. There has been a lot of thought put into decking it all out down to the old photos on the wall and the tin bath handbasins in the toilets.
The Union Jacks on the doors are there because they pride themselves in sourcing British ingredients.
The meal we had was superb in presentation and taste and at a very good price too. Also lots of choice of real and locally brewed ales.
I shall be going back very soon.
Well you could buy a packet of crisps with the salt in when it was the White Lead.
Thanks Martin, I have plenty family occasions coming up next year.

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