I care not for pride, bars of gold,
they lead to nought or so I'm told.
I seek no estate, just a little style,
at a man's misfortune I never smile.

My life's my own I'll take the blame,
I desire no title nor a fancy name.
A long time ago my ambition eased,
I am content, my vanity well pleased.

I have each day three meals square,
no gastric delights, I have been there.
I crave not champagne or even wine,
a few beers each night does me fine.

I fear no man or have no locked door,
I served my country playing at war.
My friends remain, riches crept away,
I speak my mind, always have my say.

What is there left then, for me to do?,
I never bite off more than I can chew.
Perhaps my life could be better spent,
but never the less I am well content.

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