Chance it
Is your life worth living, not taking a chance?,
you'll soon find out if you get up and dance.
Try taking a gamble, grab with both hands
know your own mind, display your demands.

Ponder it carefully, what is the chance worth?,
if it doesn't make sense give it a wide birth.
To accomplish the dream, then take the dare,
hurdle the barriers come foul weather or fair.

A man without dreams is not taking a stance,
hesitating too long before taking a chance.
You don't play heads or tails or flip up a disc,
just consider the stakes before taking a risk.

If taking a chance helps your dreams come true,
then get off your backside, stand up and do.
Your success will not always be there for real,
there will be some failures it's part of the deal.

Sometimes it's an affair of love and romance,
if you win or lose have fun taking the chance.
You will always be admired for daring to try,
get yourself stuck in there, and never say die.

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