Catholic Prayer book
Pat Wrote:Did that sort of testing make you remember any better, Pauline M? Smile I remember in secondary school, having to learn the order of the Mass. I was the only one who couldn't remember it. Day after day that teacher had me stand up and recite it.. and at the end, I still couldn't remember it!! A mental block! However, I do remember most of the catachism that I leaned in Miss F.'s class. For me, she was the best teacher I ever had.
It def made me remember at the time Pat - the fear of the strap was enough for me though I can't remember any of it now.
I only had Miss Finnigan for needlework. We had Mr Rogers for both second top & top class. I remember forgetting my sampler once & she made me kneel at the front of the class for the whole lesson!!
That was enough to make never to forget it again lol
I am a new member, I have a Simple Prayer Book. Someone mentioned Miss Finnegans class in St Matthews church hall. I attended there in 1944 to 1946, I remember the only homework we got was learning the catechism every noght. If we couldn't give the correct answers the nent morning we had to stand on our chairs until playtime . The worst two years of my time at school.
Thanks for your memories and welcome to the site.

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