Brian Rowan
The late BRIAN ROWAN from Jarrow was a professional Bass guitarist who played around the world with many well known musicians in their bands from John Miles, Alan Price, Billy Fury and many, many more. He co formed the early 60's band, The Chevrolets with another well known Jarrow musician Peter Kirtley (who also played with Alan Price) Brian and Peter also formed Shorty & Them along with Hebburn lads Pat Diamond and Brian Dunlop. Brian Rowan and Peter Kirtley then formed London based band Happy Magazine in the late 60's.
Brian also appeared in the Burt Lancaster movie Local Hero.
I didn't know Brian had passed away. We used to drool over him in the 60's at Borough Road youth club, he was a brilliant guitarist, may he rest in peace.
Hi Chic, it's 10 years since Brian died (he lived on Bede Burn Rd). He had been working out of Miami for a while.

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