Book at Bedtime
My book of memories is in my head.
noting the things you done and said.
Each night without fail I turn a page,
and make that memory last an age.

My book is called "Knowing You"
it recalls the things you used to do.
You have now gone I still go life's way,
memories get more precious each day.

I must close my eyes to read my book,
I have sweet dreams each time I look.
I close my book just before I awake,
A long lonely day will be hard to take.

I can only read my book when it is dark,
your twinkling eyes are my book mark.
On every page dear, I hold your hand,
the one that wears your wedding band.

My memories of you are extremely fond,
when I open my book you always respond.
I laugh, sometimes cry, my dearest wife,
I'll read my book every night of my life.
Sometimes your poems make me cry Letmein, they are so filled with emotion..

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