Poll: Best decade to be living in Jarrow?
The swinging 60's, Jarrow was kicking!
The 70's, flares & hippies everywhere
The 80's, big shoulder pads and terrible perms
The 90's, even Jarrow had grunge
The 00's, iPods & mobiles everywhere
Jarrow's best days are yet to come
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Best decade to be living in Jarrow?
We all naturally think the best times were in our youth, but try your best to be objective on this one.

When do you reckon were the best times to be living in Jarrow?

Does the town have more to offer now, in the future or in the past?

Was it the 60's, 70's 80's or perhaps the 90's were the town's heyday with it's vibrant pub & club life?

Maybe the many pub & clubs closures of late have stolen some of the town's character.

Maybe the new Tyne Tunnel will revamp the town attracting new business and jobs to the area?

As always, please be respectful of each other's point of view, everyone is entitled to their opinion on this forum with only the friendliest of mockery or scorn.
You can take the lad out of Jarrow but you can't take Jarrow out of the lad.
Well Admin, as you know I was absent from my home town
for quite a long period. Call it nostalgia if you wish but on my
return I did have a slight feeling of dismay. The colour and
character had gone. What the hells happened to Jarra. I thought,

Then I had another thought, Freddie my lad you're getting old.
You express it much better than I could have done.
'They' say that "you can never go back", and it's true in most cases.
Pat Wrote:You express it much better than I could have done.
'They' say that "you can never go back", and it's true in most cases.

Lol..aahh!! memories of Jarrow in the sixties...enough to last a lifetime...and some great friendships made....cheers CaitSmile
For me, Jarra lost it's character when the multi nationals replaced the local family run shops and the delivery vans stopped coming round the streets. There is nothing of interest in any town centre anymore. Go to any shopping centre anywhere in the country and you could just as easily be in jarra, apart from the accent of the folk milling around.
Supermarkets, mobile phone shops, card shops, clothes shops, chemists, perfume outlets, everyone identical. no individuality which used to make shopping or browsing interesting. The folk working in these places dont even want to be there. Things bought in bulk by these chains are cheaper but boring.
As for the new tunnel, all that's going to achieve is to get folk past Jarra quicker.
One stop shopping, quicker transport, better housing and, on the face of it, less poverty but at a cost. That's why sites like this work. For us oldies to remember the past. Good old days..........maybe not, but certainly interesting. What are todays youngsters going to have to look back on.
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