Bede Walker - brother of Theresa Walker
Hello everyone,

I'm trying to find my Nan's brother Bede Walker. My nan was born in Jarrow in 1921. She was one of 7 children. Her two brothers Bob (older) and Bede, who was the youngest, emigrated to Canada after WW2. Sadly, she lost contact with them but we think Bede came back to live in the UK.

My nan is nearly 90,and not in the best of health.
Her family lived through some really hard times in the 1930s and were so close, it would mean so much to her if we could find out what happened to her two brothers. Her sisters, Agnes, Mary, Jenny and brother Bill have all passed away but there is a possibility that Bede or Bob may still be living.

If anyone thinks thay may have some useful information for us I would be really grateful if you could email me via my account.

Here's hoping.

Jane Smith.
Welcome Jane. Is your nan still in Jarrow? I know the Walker family and sure that lots of members on here do as well. Can you give us a little more info ie is any of the family still in jarrow?

Thanks for replying so quickly. My Nan now lives in Doncaster. She moved to Sheffield in about 1944/5 when she married my Grandad Colin Smith. She had been engaged to his brother Harry but he was knocked over and killed by some over enthusaistic (drunk) soldiers in an army truck while out with my Nan in about 19443/4 (I think this happened in Jarrow but I'm not sure).

My dad has done lots of family history research and got lots of dates, which I'll get off him, but has never been able to trace the two missing brothers.

They lived on the Primrose estate (I can get the exact address from my dad). Her dad was called Robert and he worked in the shipyards but got laid off when my nan was a young girl. He spent the rest of the 1930s doing bits and pieces of manual work but didn't get a full time job again until the war when he used to work at the 'fake areodrome' (according to my nan, does anyone know about this?).Her mother was called Mary.

I can get exact dates of birth and emmigration for Bob and Bede. I'd be grateful for any info you have.

Hi again,

Meant to add, non of my nan's immediate family still live in Jarrow but I'm sure there must be some relations there as they we such a big family. My nan's dad, Robert, had a brother called Matthew so perhaps there are members of his family around.

Jane, Bede Walker does ring a bell. I'll ask a few people. In the meantime hold on as someone will give you an answer.Wink
Thankyou so much. I think he would be about 85 give or take a few years.

Fingers crossed!

Jane, before you log off. I know/knew a Billy and Joe. Both would be in there 80s now.

Perhaps get nan to look through the photographs. She may be on, or her family.
Hi, cousins possibly? I'll ask her tomorrow. Will have a look through photos. Thanks again for your help.

When did Bill die? I may have a photo and address if same family.
Hi, Bill died about late 1990s and lived in Peckham London. Can get exact date from my Dad. His wife was called Ruby she died not long after.

Spoke to my dad earlier and he gave me the following info:

Nan and Walker family lived at 26 Potter Street until about late 1950s.
Bede Albert Walker was born in 1925. Married Eva and had 3 children, William, John and Irene.
Bede, Eva and the children are listed as passengers on SS Neptunia in 1954. The ship was going to New York via Halifax Nova Scotia. My Dad thinks they disembarked in Halifax. Don't know eher the idea that Bede came back is from though.

Hope this helps,


P.S. Have photos of Bill and Bob but no Bede! Will try and get them on here.

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