At The Doctors
I'm hurting all over, I've got a headache,
I'm wondering what sort of pills to take.
Maybe it's serious, I've got a bad back,
think I'll get dressed, go visit the quack.

I was stopped by a dragon, a receptionist,
you can't come today you're not on the list.
But what will I do if my heart gives out?,
she said get on the phone, give us a shout.

I want to see him, she gives out a laugh,
if that's all you want here's his photograph.
The waiting rooms full, all think it's funny,
coughing and sneezing, their noses all runny.

I'm not staying here with this miserable lot,
I'll be catching diseases that I haven't got.
I'm going back home to see my dear wife,
she'll put me to bed with a nice kiss of life.

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