As bad As it gets
An untold story, a book unread,
pathways that we seldom tread.
A lovers lips that are not kissed,
a gold opportunity often missed.
A rainbows end yet to be found,
a harvest remaining in the ground.
A voyage that doesn't have an end,
an outcast vainly seeking a friend.
A love letter written but not sent,
take a road to hell with good intent.
A mothers eyes red with weeping,
your destiny in an others keeping.
A second chance that has passed,
the spoken word that was your last.
Good news alas that's never heard,
or lonely heart strings never stirred.
Blind eyes unable to scan the skies,
or watching skylarks as they rise.
At the table there's an empty chair,
your life's love is no longer there.
So many things eluding life's way,
will it be rectified on judgement day?.
Nice poem Freddie. Many thanks.
only just found it to read Freddie but its great and as usual I love it, keep them comming

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