Armed Vikings
My Gran lived in Walter Street during the war, and they did take the railings to help make planes, (or whatever?) for the war. Think they collected pots and pans too.
Thay took all the iron fencing off the parks as well. The most noteable is the West Park on the one way system which has never been replace 60 years later. :o
re metal collection for war effort.
Govt took all the metal railing from the town. Granma lived in Grange Rd West. look down there on the low wall and you can see where they were cut.
Re Aluminum drive. I have read reports that all the aluminium that was collected was not used for aircraft production. more Govt spin!.

cracking website
it is a North-East Diary 1939-1945 by Roy Ripley & Brian Pears
daily info on what happened day by day plus maps etc
I can remember when the statues were unfolded for public view. Everybody hated them.......what did the vikings ever do for Jarrow other than murder or steal.

It should have been that lovely statue they have by Morrisons,depicting the Jarrow March. Thats what should have gone up in the 60's.

Yes,someone did stick a bottle on one of the statues,but it was taken down quick.
St James Park till the day I die.
Must agree with you. Whoever made the decision to erect the statues?

What did the Vikings ever do for Jarrow? Nothing.
Who remember's when the phone booth's were built Into the base of sculpture...As you can see It's all bricked up now..

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Was it the Danes or Norwegians who wore horns on their helmets? I can never remember.

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