Armed Vikings
Hi all
I was giving glowing reports about this site to the rest of my family the other day, and got talking about the "Viking Statues" and there history. I was informed the years ago the vikings held swords in there hands. They were removed for the war effort, scrap steel and all that. Which I find very hard to believe. Was my brother spinning me a yarn or is this in fact true. So come on all you historical jarrovians help me with this one please.Smile

A picture would be great cheers.
the viking statues were only put up when Arndale Precinct was opened in 62/63. No war involved.

photo on Sanddancer website circa 1965 of vikings without swords.
Cheers thanks for sorting that out so quickly. So I was right and he was wrong ha ha.Big Grin
There a plaque on the base stating when the centre was opened.
you'll have passed it without noticing it.
remember the telephone booths built into the base?
Did you know that the Vikings never had the horns in their helmets.

I found this lol.

No self-respecting Viking warrior ever wore a horned helmet in battle--they weren't that dumb. As anyone who has done any slaughtering can tell you, horns provide nothing more than a good handhold to steady your work while you're slitting someone's throat.

These Vikings were erected in 1961 by the Arndale Property Trust, on the opening of Britain's first Arndale Centre on the site now occupied by the Viking Shopping Centre. Arndale Centres derive their name from the Trust's founders, Arnold Hagenbach and Sam Chippendale. Their first centre was intended to be in Bradford but delays in lease matters meant a delay there, and thus Jarrow's was the first.
You can take the lad out of Jarrow but you can't take Jarrow out of the lad.
Didn't one have a brown ale bottle in his hand for a while.:confused:
LOL....Smile...someone been taking the micky about the swords...LOL..Big Grin I got told years ago that someone had put Traffic Cones on the Vikings heads...wish we had a photo..Big Grin
I remember putting a Sunderland scarf round their necks when I got back from Wembley in 73
Carrying a Sunderland scarf round Jarra!, brave man Wink.
You can take the lad out of Jarrow but you can't take Jarrow out of the lad.

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