Animal cruelty in Jarrow.
If fisherman keeps flashing his camera in foxy's eyes he could be next. Smile
Nice one Eddie, lol
Pat Wrote:You can tell a lot about a person by the way they treat animals.
I cannot help secretly thinking that.. I hope it bit a lump out of him!!!
I'm a bit sad right now as my beautiful dog died last night.
Sorry to hear that Pat. But I'm sure he/she had a really happy home with you and you can remember that. We have two cats and a dog, he's 13 and showing his age and we're dreading the day when he has to go..
Thanks Paddy.
Well, our cat, Lucky, died this week. He was 14, so we cannot be too sad as he had a good life. He was the last of my English animals to go. We brought them over when we came over. We have another German Shepherd pup now. She's six months old and fitting in nicely. Only problem is, her ear hasn't gone up yet. We have three dogs and three cats now.
Thank you for posting this! How INFURIATING :mad: So awful! Spread awareness!

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