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bigvin Wrote::eyebrows:his brother married a hebburn lass,,and i think music was his first love ,,i met him a few years ago at a mates wedding when he was playing with tina turner ,he had athat big geezer who also played the sax and key boards for tina turner with him,,,down to earth bloke like,,,,:eyebrows:

I have that wedding photo.
Here is the photo.


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yeh thats her they lived in our street,,,kidger is the family his brother married into Wink
john miles surname was errington, yes, he was the son of my dads best mate, my dad played jonh miles single 'music' over and over until i almost smelted it into an ashtray!! xxx
i remember seeing john miles at the YMCA, i think it was his first group they were called the urge,there had some good times there.
some say that music was his first love,,and i think it may be his last ...any one else have any thouhgts on this,,Wink
It looks like he never forgot his roots.

Tina Turner and all that and i believe he still lives in Boldon
Found this wedding in Jarrow. Probably why he changed his surname.

2 Sep 1944 Alexander Miles Errington = Doris Irene Worley

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