A Little Jarrow Quiz.
Yes please - gotta retire shortly for work in the morning lol
Where were the first permanent traffic light's in Jarrow.
Carrick's Corner ???
Pauline M Wrote:Carrick's Corner ???
Sorry Pauline,I thought it would be fastest on keyboard to get this one.
They were.............Nah I let them guess.Rolleyes

is it in ormonde st/ staple rd,.
jarrow car ferryBig GrinBig Grin
albert road?? maybe??:confused:
fisherman Wrote:Not there Pauline.

Is it Jarrow Library?

Smarty mentioned the 'Slaughter Pit'. There is an amazing poem of that name, dedicated to the men who died in the explosions in 1826 & 1830 and Jobling's jibbeting/other atrocities from owners. It brings a lump to my throat everytime I read it.
There is a pit axe, etc arranged in the ground, and I think it's on North Street?? I remember seeing a picture of this, but cannot remember the location.

The first traffic lights were in Albert Road I think.

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